Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is like no other in the republic of Cameroon. This curriculum, which was designed by industry professionals gives our trainees a great advantage over their peers.

The program curriculum includes:

1.      Business English and working French

2.      Cameroon business environment

3.      IT and Study tours

4.      Organizational Citizenship behaviour

5.      Entrepreneurship

6.      Volunteerism

7.      Leadership

8.      Personal selling, confidence and motivation

9.  Driving

10.  World report- this is a weekly course that challenges students to know what is happening in the world each week in the domains of education, sports, politics, religion, business, beauty and health, and technology. During the first class, the instructor assigns groups to various programs and each week, these groups present reports of what happened in the world during that week. Study material must be referenced to CNN, BBC, GOOGLE, YAHOO, CRTV, AL JAZEERA, AND ONE LOCAL TV / RADIO

11.  Culminating project                           

At the end, students must develop and launch a community-based culminating project in the areas of entrepreneurship, leadership or volunteerism.