Residential Life Activities


We are aware of the fact that the best employees and leaders are “complete” human beings with a rich social life, spiritual life and corporate life. For this reason, we have designed an intense program for the residential life of our students.



1.      Health and fitness

“Healthy minds breed worthwhile projects.” With this slogan in mind, health and fitness activities are very important at S2WI. Weekly sporting and fitness activities are organized and all our students take part in them.

2.      Spiritual growth

Without God, nothing is possible. Without knowledge of and a reverential fear of God, humans conceive and execute all sorts of hurtful acts which plunge mankind into pain and deep sorrow. Our spiritual growth program ensures that our students have knowledge of and respect for God and all religions.

3.      Student activities and clubs (Music, Dance, Theatre arts)

A great many people around the world are living dignified lives and lending a hand to others because they exploited their talents. At FUNIC S2WI, we believe that we can make great leaders and entrepreneurs by helping young people identify and exploit their talents.

4. Advisor families

Adulthood comes with a lot of challenges. The road to success may sometimes be very bumpy. We want to ensure that our students reach their full potential without abandoning mid-way. The institute has 5 advisor families headed by individuals who have been through difficult times in life, but who managed to wade through the difficulties to success. These family heads provide guidance and counselling to their family members on issues such as relationship and friendship issues, family challenges, personal difficulties, moral issues etc. advisor families meet once a week at a location convenient for the family, usually at the home of the family head.


All students keep a personal diary of all activities and encounters during the study period.

These diaries are produced at the end of the study period and a copy left with the institute.


C-Nites: To make worthwhile contributions to the companies they’ll work for, our students have to know what companies need, the problems they may face,  and also to build a strong network of business executives and government officials.

Each week, the students will have the visit of a business executive from a local or international company or a government official.