Distance Learning

Study from anywhere and earn a National Vocational Qualification


Are you looking to fast track your career by acquiring vocational training skills and progress from a National Vocational Qualification to an International MBA without leaving your home or job? Our distance learning Vocational Training program has been carefully designed with you in mind.


Fotabe Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy (FELA) was accredited by the Cameroon's Ministry of Employment and Vocational training to train men and women who are eager to make positive contributions in their communities.

What makes the Distance Learning Program exciting?

The program has been carefully designed to make studying exciting and fun. All writing material have been prepared by MBA subject matter experts. The material are easy to read, with local examples and end-of-chapter excercises to help you test your knowledge.

In addition to study material, all students can access our partner website -www.make-it.co  to access books for further reading. Students are assigned personal tutors who guide them throughout their studies.

Students attend a one-week residential program in one of our campuses during the course of their studies. The one-week residential program allows students to have face-to-face lectures in three courses, namely Leadership, Inter-religious dialogue, and Entrepreneurship. Students also have the opportunity to meet with other students from all over the country and network with students, faculty and CEOs of the major companies accross the country. During the residential program, students are responsible for their lodging and subsistence.


FELA’s distance learning program have been structured into various levels. The difficulty of the level determines the content and the structure. Students can progress from level 3 to level 5 within two academic years. After level 5, the students can enroll into many universities and higher institutions to further their studies.

The Level 3 qualifications aim to introduce students into the world of practical business management. It provides the students with the foundation needed to have a good understanding of deeper concepts and to be able to apply that knowledge in real life situations. The School-to-work Level 3 Diploma has 12 mandatory units. Students must complete all units within 3 months, in order to be awarded the qualification. Students must also write a detailed report about their work experience following a structure provided by FELA.
The Total Qualification Time (TQT) for each of the S2W Level 3 Diplomas is 390 hours, divided into 30 hours per course. Each of the S2W Level 3 Diplomas is worth 42 credits.

The Level 4 qualifications aim to prepare students to have a broader understanding of the business environment. It provides the students with the skills, experience and attitude needed to perform at a professional level and to progress to level 5. The School-to-work Level 4 Diploma has 7 mandatory units- 2 general units and 5 specialised units and a final report. Students must complete all units within 6 months in order to be awarded the qualification.
The Total Qualification Time (TQT) for each of the S2W Level 4 Diplomas is 384 hours, divided into 64 hours per course. Each of the S2W Level 4 Diplomas is worth 30 credits.

The Level 5 qualification aims to prepare you for progression to a higher level of study through their coverage of core business and management theory, and their credit value of 120 credits make them an ideal springboard for academic progression. The core theories are balanced with application and skills development to prepare you for the next step in your career. Each of the Level 5 Diplomas consists of six mandatory units. You must complete all six mandatory units and achieve a minimum of a Pass in all units and complete a final Project in order to be awarded the qualification. The first four units are the general units and the last two are specialization units from a specialist stream. The Total Qualification Time (TQT) for each of the Level 5 Diplomas is 240 hours. Each of the S2W Level 5 Diplomas is worth 48 credits.

After Level 5, students can progress to the final year in a university. 

Students can apply for exemptions from a course, but never from a level. Please contact the academic office for more information.


FELA's programs have been designed to equip students with skills to meet the needs of the job market. the following programs are offered:

  • Business Information systems
  • Marketing and Customer service
  • Project Management
  • Employment, Labour and Social Security
  • Accounting and Microfinance Management

 Students can begin specializing in any of these programs as from Level 4


 Assessments are specifically designed to fit the purpose and objective of the qualification. The Diplomas are assessed by a combination of examinations and assignments, both externally set by FELA. 

Each examination  includes continuous assessment, which  focus on end- of- chapter assignments; Written exams-which are campus-based are written 4 times per year. The examinations are held annually in: 

  • September 
  • December 
  • March 
  • June 


The following fees apply for all programs:

  • Non-refundable registration fee : 25, 000FCFA
  • Examination Fee                      :  40,000FCFA/Level
  • Study materials for level 3: 18,000FCFA
  • Study Materials for level 4: 3000 FCFA/Text
  • Study Materials for level 5: 3500 FCFA/Text

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