Fotabe Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy (FELA)

 FELA  is the leading center for entrepreneurial leadership in Africa. FELA’s curriculum was especially designed to train young men and women from around the world to develop  Entrepreneurial skills, acquire concrete leadership experience, and develop positive professional abilities needed to become entrepreneurs and change their communities.

Our students are taught lifelong skills by studying tailor made courses taught by highly trained faculty.

 FELA is a world class business institution created by Ministerial order 044/MINEFOP/SG/DFO/SDGSF/SACD with the objective of transforming Africa by identifying rare skills in common youth and honing such skills  so that graduates become leaders and world class  Entrepreneurs in their communities.

 FELA was created to train unique entrepreneurial leaders through its SCHOOL-TO-WORK and Business Leadership programs which offer students the unique opportunity to work while studying, and serving their communities through volunteering activities, while developing themselves both morally and professionally.