Two students from Fotabe University College were on the 25th of March 2016 awarded the 1st and 2nd prizes for participation in the 2016 Youth Read contest to commemorate the world book day. Participants for the competition were drawn from Five higher institutions of learning, including the University of Buea, The Catholic University Institute of Buea, The Higher Institute of Management studies, The higher Institute of Professional studies, and Fotabe University College.

 The two students- CHALID CLAUDINE and KOULAYE TCHINDA LEDITA, both studying Customer Service and Sales, were awarded the prizes during the celebrations marking the world book day. The two students, who presented a brilliant and concise summary of  " The Raped Amulet" by Mr. Sammy Akombi and  " Say No to AIDS" by Tikum Mbah Azonga.

 Claudine and Ledita are challenging all Cameroonian youths to read, not only books written by Cameroonian authors, but to read widely. The two winners said that their desire to read widely has come as a result of a compulsory course- WORLD REPORT, which they study at school. This course, they said, challenges them to collect news items on assigned topics and report them in class each week.

 Congratulations to the winners!!!