Congratulations to the Classes of 2014/ 2015!

On July 2nd 2016,, The Rome Business School Cameroon held its first Graduation Ceremony, celebrating the Classes of 2014 and 2015 at the Chariot Hotel, located in Mile 18, in Buea.

The Cameroon Country Representative of the Rome Business School, Ms. Fotabe Elmine, welcomed the Founding President to Africa, and to Buea. She congratulated the graduating students, and urged them to rise above all the challenges they’ll face in the course of their journey to making the world better.

The Founding President and Director of the Rome Business School, Professor Antonio Ragusa, congratulated the students for their achievements and urged them to live with passion. He also asked the graduating students to emulate the brilliant example of leadership demonstrated by the Cameroon county Representative.

“Never give up when faced with challenges; tenacity and hard work are the only way to success, and the difference between dreams and reality is determination. Just keep going!” said Professor Ragusa. “Your success is our success!”, he added.

Special Awards were given to some meritorious students, among whom, Mr. Tewiy Eric Shudzeka, best student 2014, Mr. Tukov Marcel, best student 2015, Mr. Fomba Bernard Babilla Tanyi, best research 2014, Mr. Uji Gosper, best research 2015, and Mr. Abeck Edwin, most outstanding leadership abilities.

Professor Ragusa then presented the Master/ MBA Diplomas to the students who had completed their courses in the 2014/2015 didactic years. Among the Diplomas conferred were those in MBA in Finance, Marketing, and Human Resources Management. Masters in Marketing and Communications and International Human Resources Management.

The Rome Business School’s motto is, “Better Managers, for a Better World”, and it was a true privilege for the Rome Business School to educate and lead such outstanding students, and to be able to create the managers for the world. We are very proud of all our new graduates!

Congratulations to the Classes of 2014 and 2015, and the best of luck to all of you. We cannot wait to see what your future holds! Ad Maiora!


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