Students from rural areas in Cameroon can finance their Bilingual HND program at FUNHIC with their harvest!

Fotabe Universal Higher Institute of Cameroon's (FUNHIC's) Bilingual HND program, with its immersive and market-oriented approach is expensive to operate. However, Students from rural areas can study without worrying about how to raise money for tuition.

We’re aware of the fact that students from rural areas face the enormous challenge of selling their agricultural products and save up money to pay tuition fees. Usually, because of the absence of farm-to-market roads, the prevailing social unrest, harsh climatic conditions and poverty in rural areas, these students find it hard to sell their produce in order to finance education beyond the elementary level.

FUNHIC has developed a program to bridge this gap between an expensive educational program  and poverty in rural areas: “My habitat my wallet.”

We source our funding from one revenue stream: commercial sales of farm products (which students and their families produce). This way, we are able to meet the needs of our teachers and provide a good education to students from rural areas.

My habitat my wallet program was inspired by the value of our natural habitat  which is made up of physical factors such as soil, moisture, range of temperature, and availability of light as well as biotic factors such as the availability of food.

With a token amount of whatever agricultural products they produce, students can finance their education with yields from their habitat!

For more information on application requirements and Process, please send an email to 

The Deadline for applications for the 2018/2019 academic year:  8th January 2019!