Enrollment into a 15 days Logistics and Shipping Diploma Ongoing !!

Dual International Diploma program in Logistics and Shipping

Unlike traditional diploma programs, this international diploma program in Logistics and shipping has been designed by experts from three countries ( Cameroon, United Arab Emirates, and India), to train students who will be able to take advantage of opportunities in Africa, Asia and the middle East.

The Dual International Diploma program has been designed to accommodate full-time students and working class students. It combines a rich 15-day classroom training by experts from the industry and a unique 60-day Internship in the biggest logistics and shipping companies in Dubai or India.
What an amazing opportunity to start a career in Logistics and shipping !

Benefits of the Dual International Diploma program

Benefits include:
* Affordable short-term investment for a lifelong benefit.

* Two certificates: One issued by Cameroon's Ministry of Employment and Vocational training and another by the Good Ocean Maritime Institute of Logistics in Dubai.

* Taught by industry experts from 3 continents, including, customs official, Ship captains, International career experts.
* Opportunity of an international Internship placement in India or Dubai


To be eligible for this program, students must have:
* A good mastery of the English language
*At least an Advanced level
* Be ready to undertake a 60-days unpaid Internship abroad
* Be physically and mentally prepared for the rigour of the program

NB: Applicants will be tested for English language proficiency. If they fail to meet the minimum requirement, they will be asked to take a one-month English training prior to the commencement of the program.

Program dates

Close of applications: 28/05/2019
Start of training: 03rd June 2019
Final Examinations: 01st July 2019

NB: Dates for English language program for students below the minimum requirement: 22/04/2019 - 25/05/2019.

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