African Arts Academy (AAA)

Our environment is endowed with many of such talents. In their modest spaces, many of them are training others to harness their own talents. However, what they all lack is the ability to make money out of their art. The role of African Arts Academy is to teach young Cameroonians the art of “making money from their art.”

At African Arts Academy, we believe that people have talents and creative skills which need to be honed to produce amazing results.

The African Arts Academy is a Social Enterprise created by FUNIC to valorise and promote the African culture, especially the Cameroonian culture. It was set up to teach students the beauty of Cameroonian culture, and to stimulate them to develop the desire to sell Cameroonian and African arts worldwide.

Because arts is usually accompanied by fashion, skin and hair care programs have been added to the traditional programs that are run under a department like this one. Programs run in this department range from one day to one full academic year.

AAA’s courses are taught via an e-learning, co-creation action learning methodology. This unique approach follows a 3-step process we call ECI:

  1. E-learning live training on courses such as: Social Entrepreneurship, Creativity and innovation, New product development, branding and positioning, E-commerce, Financial planning, developing a winning attitude, 100 hours of hands on.
  2. Co-creation action learning in the following specialties: perfumery and cosmetics, fashion design, skin and hair care, interior design, fashion design, clothing and textiles.
  3. Incubation