Business Leadership Center

 Inspiring, shaping, developing and connecting business leaders.

FELA’s Business leadership centre is the department that focuses on short training courses for workers, business people and business executives. Programs run in this centre range from 1 day to 6 months.  At the end of each training, participants receive certificates signed by the Ministry of employment and vocational training. Attestations of participation are sometimes issued by partner organizations.

BLC provides highly specialized training to local and international companies.

The business leadership centre is a department in FELA, which runs short courses from 1 day to 6 months.

The following specialized trainings are offered at the business leadership centre:

  1. Lean six sigma training program
  2. Business leadership program
  3. Balanced scorecard training program
  4. Strategic management training program
  5. Blue ocean strategy training program

FOTABE ENTREPRENEURIAL LEADERSHIP ACADEMY’S Business Leadership Center is at the fore of innovation and business leadership. This is where success is made. This is where business leaders are shaped.

We meet our mission by bringing together the most experienced and creative thought leaders from around the world to create a learning environment that educates  professionals and  enriches business executives.

BLC also offers advanced courses for senior managers that may focus on a single business or leadership topic for a month. The most valuable learning comes when these senior managers share ideas about how to improve businesses and better serve customers. Our trainers use this insight to support the development of  strategies to create uncontested market opportunities and make competition irrelevant.

Our trainees come for trainings with a basket of business challenges and leave with a suitcase  of  Blue Ocean Strategies.