• Business Leadership
  • Public speaking
  • Business French
  • Enterprise Resource Planning and Office Practise
  • Applied Business Research

 Designed for company executives and anyone wishing to start a business career. The business leadership program prepares trainees for the local and international job markets.


Business leadership is more than just a fancy job title and a corner office. Effective leadership requires a deep understanding of the organisation; the people who run it; the context in which it operates; and perhaps most importantly, self-insight. By building these competencies, the Business Leadership program prepares both emerging and experienced company executives for facing the challenges of leadership.

Each course in the program integrates current academic theories with the wisdom of experienced leaders, providing a learning experience that can’t be accomplished in the classroom alone.

The objective: empower learners with the knowledge and skill to act effectively as leaders.

This Business Leadership program is intended for people who are interested in becoming effective leaders within their organization. This program and capstone project will teach you the skills needed to inspire your colleagues and to evolve your business.