School to Work

The School-to work department is the professional arm of FELA, which offers hands-on training to students who wish to acquire certifications which are both academic and professional. The first of its kind in Cameroon,  the S2W  program was especially designed to prepare young people to become world class entrepreneurs and leaders in their communities.  

FELA has an outstanding history and an excellent reputation. Our qualifications are designed to give students the best chance of achieving their full potential in their chosen career. Our qualifications are designed to adapt and develop in line with the needs and demands of employers now and in the future. Whether  you dream of becoming an entrepreneur, getting a great job, being promoted to senior management, or if you are already in a leadership role and want to enhance your  professional skill set, a FELA qualification will help turn plans into reality.

FELA’s qualifications have been structured into various levels. The difficulty of the level determines the content and the structure. Tou can progress from level 3 to level 5 within two academic years. After level 5, you can enroll into the Professional Advanced Diploma in Logistics, Supply Chain and Transport, accredited by Rome Business School.

To qualify for level 4, students must successfully complete level 3.  Levels 3 and 4 are completed within one academic year. The program is run in 4 sessions: 

  • September Session
  • December Session
  • March Session
  • June Session