FUNHIC's Agric-Entrepreneurship Conference (AGREC)

Fotabe Universal Higher Institute of Cameroon (FUNHIC), is happy to announce the launch of the first edition of the FUNHIC's Agric-Entrepreneurship Conference.

About the conference

FUNHIC's Agric-Entrepreneurship conference is a two-day event that will bring together 100 High School Students from rural areas in Cameroon. The main activities of the conference will constitute trainings, workshops, and an Agric-Business challenge. These activities will enable these students learn better ways of making money from their farming activities and encourage them to pursue Professional Higher Education.

This year's focus

This year will focus on getting young rural farmers to see how their environment and its resources could be transformed into profitable business ventures.

How you will benefit

  • You will have the opportunity of acquiring useful skills in Agricultural Entrepreneurship.
  • You will showcase your farm produce to the world and have the possibility of receiving funding to expand your farm or livestock production capacity.
  • You’ll meet and discuss with successful agricultural and business entrepreneurs who will share their success stories with you.
  • You will also network with young farmers like yourself from across Cameroon, who will impact your life like never before.
  • You'll have the opportunity to pitch your agricultural project to potential sponsors and the media.
  • You will be awarded an attestation of Participation signed by Fotabe Universal Higher Institute of Cameroon.
  • All participants will have the opportunity of studying for the HND at the prestiguous Fotabe Unversal Higher Institute of Cameroon with a 100% scholarship.
  • The winners of the Agric-Entrepreneurship challenge will receive a cash prize to grow their Agric-Business and will receive media advertising to build a strong brand.


  • High school students or A-level holders from rural areas around the country who are engaged in farming or live stock activities or any other category of educational activities and lack the means to pursue quality professional higher education.


 This year, the theme is "My habitat my Wallet".  The event will constitute a series of trainings and workshops designed to provide participants with skills on the following areas:

-Higher Education and personal Success
-Writing business plans
-Commercialization of farm produce
-Livestock Management
-Increasing yields through cost effective and local methods
-Agricultural Entrepreneurship: Adding Value to agricultural produce
-Raising small capital

-Basic agricultural book keeping and managing of finances


High school students and A-level holders from rural areas in Cameroon wishing to participate should visit the link provided below and fill in all required information:


Six(06) point action plans with the following characteristics stand the chance to be selected: 1. Original 2. Practical 3. Cost effective 4. Profitable 5. Sustainable

DEADLINE: Latest date for submission of applications is 21st of July 2019