How Cameroonians Finance their Trip Abroad

Most young Cameroonians view travelling abroad as an opportunity to be grasped. According to Hein de Haas, the director of the International Migration Institute at the University of Oxford, African migration to Europe is portrayed as an "exodus," largely composed of illegal migrants, driven by conflict and poverty. This portrayal is not exactly the case with Cameroon since illegal migrants are often well educated and able to afford the considerable cost of the journey to Europe and other countries in the western world.

Migration from Cameroon to Europe and America, is fuelled by a structural demand for cheap migrant labour in informal sectors. Jobs involving cleaning, driving, house helps just to name a few are often viewed as cheaper opportunities to grasp. Most migrate on their own initiative, rather than being the victims of traffickers.  Travelling abroad often requires expenditures in the millions of FCFA. These amounts often exclude what the individual travelling will need for sustenance, shelter, health care and other basic needs.

The motivation behind the desire to spend on travelling abroad

The inadvertent believe of only succeeding in Europe and America is so serious that the both parents and children are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to ensure the journey is a success. This believe provides an enormous motivation for families to finance travelling plans of eligible family members and has also led many to fall prey to scams and theft, loosing exorbitant sums of money. Even families that appear to be poor an unable to afford decent daily meals are willing to make whatever sacrifice is needed to send a family member abroad.

How the money is acquired

The thought provoking question is; “Where do these young and apparently financially poor Cameroonians get the money needed to finance their journey abroad?” The answer to this question is engraved in the findings gotten from surveys with parents, children and travelling agency agents.

Savings: During the study, most parents revealed that they could not acquire the kind of education they had hoped and they could not get the high income job they had dreamt of. Hence, they save money to ensure that their children would go abroad, further their education, and work in those conditions they could only dream off. These children are often regarded as the savior of the family. Expected to work abroad and send money home until everyone is financial established. Some parents revealed, the goal sometimes is for one family member to get established abroad, and then pave the way for younger family members to join them.

Sales of properties: Other participants in the study revealed that a vast majority of those who wish to travel abroad but lack the regular income to permit regular savings decide to sell family properties such as lands, cars, houses and others. Reports from travelling agencies in Douala and Buea revealed several cases of families that sold properties worth over 25 million FCFA, to send a family member abroad to pursue higher education and acquire the potential to earn a decent job, with some of these attempts ending in failures and putting the family in more financially deplorable condition. Success is also not often guaranteed for those who successfully make the trip.

Family contributions: Members of some families of those who have travelled abroad indicated that family contributions have been an invaluable way to raise income to finance the trip abroad of young and vibrant family members. In this case, family meetings are held to discuss the travelling plans and the cost involved. Then family members are required to make financial contributions to make up the money required for the trip abroad.

Loans: Some families revealed that family assets were utilized to obtain loans that will permit family member travel abroad. In most cases, the traveler is expected to work hard and make payments of the loans just a few months after getting to their destination. This is a clear example of the lack of insight family members back at home have about the realities of integrating into life abroad and getting a Job.

Recently, a growing number of young person’s acquire a level of education that permits them to get Jobs at home, then they can save the money needed to finance and realize their dreams of travelling abroad. In some cases, these youngsters work and save part of the money while parents or family members make up for the remainder. The desire to travel abroad is so strong that some youths have reportedly abandoned lucrative and high income jobs in Cameroon for less decent Jobs abroad.

Less Expensive and unsecure

Cameroonians continue to be attracted to and search out opportunities for travelling abroad on a daily basis. Reports show that Cameroonians generally spend between 2 – 35 million Francs CFA for trips abroad for various reasons.

Recent trends in travel agency advertisements and communication reveal a greater tendency for Cameroonians to choose travelling options that are less expensive. These options however have often resulted to human trafficking and other vices. Some who travel successfully have often been forced to return home by unbearable conditions such as lack of jobs, lack of a place to stay, harsh weather, just to name a few.

A better Alternative

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