"Self discovery, right mindset, and choosing the right path are prerequisites for Success"-Lisuke Moki Jerry

Because many young Cameroonians see an MBA as simply a prestigious qualification, holders of an MBA may sometimes be unable to reap the benefits such a qualification brings. Moki Jerry, a holder of an MBA in Finance , however, is different. After his MBA, Jerry founded Moki Prime Inc., a business consultancy firm which has helped many organizations around the country to achieve their objectives. 

In 2016, a socio-political crisis in the two English Speaking Regions of Cameroon made it hard for Moki Prime's clients to continue doing business. This greatly affected this young consultancy firm. But Moki Jerry did not waste time. At Rome Busines School Cameroon, he had been trained to become an entrepreneur, but also an Intrapreneur. In a bid to salvage his firm and acquire mre experience, Jerry got a Job with the Italian giant Construction firm-Gruppo Piccini.

Jerry says: "What I consider as pivotal in my life so far is being able to live up to the opportunities that I have discovered or those with which I have been presented. Since these opportunities are centred around self-discovery, I have been able to discover myself and have chosen a path through which I can leave a legacy for posterity. In summary, my achievement is the discovery of the means through which I can leave valuable impact."

Asked what advice he has for young people aspiring to create impact, Jerry says:  "They should always start their journey of life by understanding themselves first, and then choosing a track through which they can create impact by the things they love doing the most. It all starts from understanding the self, building the mindset (self), choosing a path and moving outward to impact others."

Starting off as an Entrepreneur may be quite straightforward, but keeping up is defintely a real struggle. Jerry says: "My professional journey has been a bumpy rather than smooth one especially at the stage of self-discovery. But all of these have helped mould me into who I am today. My career goal is linked to Strategic Leadership. In all the roles that I have been so far, I have always had something to do with leadership at the strategic level, whether directly or as a consultant. Despite the zeal to build teams and processes and procedures, my passion and drive has always been in entrepreneurship/innovation and this mindset is at the basis of my professional journey. Hopefully, I will get back to what I love doing most in the future; business."