No matter what you study at the undergraduate level, you can achieve your dreams.- Mildred Tebo.

The trend in education these days is Entrepreneurship. Parents,  teachers, journalists, and many opinion leaders think that learning entrepreneurship from a young age is the way out.

One Rome Business School alum, Tebo Mildred, holds a different opinion. Mildred says you can start studying anything and end u where you want. To her, it depends on knowing how to blend in everything one learns.

She is a typical example. After high School, Mildred enrolled into the university to study law. She completed a Post graduate Diploma before joining Rome Business School in 2016 to study for a Master’s Degree in International Human Resources Management. This choice was as a result of
her passion to learn how to manage human resources in all walks of life, study the different behaviors in people and know exactly how to fully involve and motivate them.

During her study period at Rome Business School Cameroon, Mildred did other things. She was selected for the Young Africans Youth Initiative (YALI) Ghana, where she learned leadership. She also did an internship with the Human Rights Commission. Today, Mildred, who works with the
Danish Refugee agency says she reached her goal because of this blend of law, Human rights and Human resources management.

Mildred encourages every young person to join the RBS Cameroon family and learn how to become better managers.