Rome Business School student creates an Association to support victims of sexual assault.

Bernice Nkwezem is a young lady still in her 20s. She's an undergraduate  student of Project Management at Rome Business School.

Touched by the plight of victims of sexual assault, Bernice founded “Together for Youths Association (TYA).”TYA is a youth-led organization founded in 2016. The main objective of TYA is to fight against sexual assault and provide support to victims of sexual assault.

Despite the Many challenges faced, TYA has succeeded to establish a training center for skill acquisition and rehabilitation for the victims. This center, which was set up in partnership with the Regional  hospital in Bamenda and other partners has provided support to over a  hundred sexual assault victims.

Asked how she succeeded in founding the association without a source of  income, Bernice says she strongly believes in the principle of starting  small and growing fast Bernice advices all young Cameroonians to hold on to their dreams and not let finances stop them.
As a word of advice to young people who think that startup capital is the biggest hindrance to their Entrepreneurial dreams, she encourages  them to count on closest friends and family members. As she puts it, "Your dreams can be easily sold to friends and Family members than to  Strangers".