CAMEROON’S MINISTRY OF HIGHER EDUCATION: Fotabe Universal Higher Institute of Cameroon (FUNIC ) is Authorized by authorization number L16-12392/L/MINESUP/SG/DDES/ESUP/SDA/AOSB to o?er Higher National Diploma (HND) programs in Accountancy, Finance, Human Resources Management, Insurance, Marketing, Management, Logistics and transport .

CAMEROON’S MINISTRY OF EMPLOYMENT AND VOCATIONAL TRAINING: FUNIC is authorized by the government of Cameroon (Authorization number 044/MINEFOP/SG/DFO/SDGSF/SACD) to provide professional training that will enhance leadership and entrepreneurship in Africa.


Foreign Certification Partners:

Rome Business School

A cross section of FUNIC's progrms are accredited by Rome Business School. The programs include top-up degrees, MBA and Masters degrees. 

Indian Institute of Logistics:

A cross section of FUNIC's progrms are accredited by Indian Institute of Logistics. The programs include degrees and Professional diplomas. 

Good Ocean Maritime Institute of Logistics Dubai

Professional Diplomas in Shipping and Logistics are accredited by this Institution which is based in the United Arab Emirates.