Social Entrepreneurship

Fotabe University (FUNIC) is a national leader in Social Entrepreneurship and has been at the center of making Bamenda, in the North West Region of Cameroon, the most social Entrepreneurial city in the country.

"Kansas Hill conference" 

This annual event brings together Social Entrepreneurs, students, and government officials from across the country .This Conference was nicknamed "Kansas Hill Conference after Kansa City in the United States of America, which is famous for Social Entrepreneurship. The first conference was organized by the Founding president of FUNIC in 2017. Today, Bamenda is popularly known as “Kansas hill”, the most socially entrepreneurial city in the country.

Participants during this event are trained by Social Entrepreneurs from all over the country and provided with seed capital to start social enterprises in their communities.

My Habitat My Wallet

FUNIC seeks to solve the problem of low literacy rate, and consequently poverty especially in the rural areas of Cameroon by developing young business leaders who will create and lead change in their communities.

In 2018, FUNIC launched a program to provide education and training to young people from rural areas in Cameroon. The two-phase program begins with an Annual “Agric Entrepreneurship” Conference bringing together one hundred young Cameroonians. The second phase of the program focuses on providing tools, support, mentorship, and a platform through which the young Agric Entrepreneurs add value to, and commercialize their agricultural produce.

Rural areas in Cameroon are the hardest hit by poverty due to the low literacy rate. These rural areas are endowed with numerous business opportunities, especially in the domains of agriculture, transport and logistics, tourism, and food processing. Yet, poverty continues to be a big challenge, principally because of lack of a good education. It is estimated that only about 1% of students in rural areas make it to the university.

We aim to close the education and economi gap between rural and urban areas by providing business education and training that will develop business leaders and social entrepreneurs who will create jobs for other young people in their communities.

 To participate in the annual Agic Entrepreneurship program, contact us at 

Social Entrepreneurship Program for People with Disabilities-S.E.N.D.A

SENDA is a 9-month residential program specially designed to provide training on social entrepreneurship to people with disabilities, and facilitate access to seed capital. The focus of this program is to provide practical skills.

Students selected into SENDA gain direct admission into FUNIC’s startup incubator.